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Episode 9

"We are nerds" 一個Architect ,又識design又識音樂又剩,點估倒原來對New-Age嘅嘢先最叻,由音樂樂理sound vibration,講到new-age knowledge,,再到未來科技,講埋陰謀論,到最尾講返去生活中最重要嘅嘢-”愛”。Talking with Eric, a multi-talented creative, an architect, a musician; we had a free flow discussions on matters in life. From sound vibration, new-age knowledge, technology, conspiracy, and finally - "love."


Sharing is caring.  We invite people with different background, and profession, to talk about their story, their passions.


Host: Gim Iu


Language: Cantonese

Episode 8

Jonathan 是來自英國的Podcaster 和 Journalist,居住在香港。 在這一集中,我邀請Jonathan分享他的Podcasting故事,以及他對香港Podcast文化的看法。

Jonathan is a podcaster and journalist from UK living in Hong Kong. In this episode, I invited Jonathan to share his story of podcasting, and his view of the podcast culture in Hong Kong.

Episode 7

今次我與97年出生的香港學生Sabrina交談。 我很好奇地了解年輕一代的觀點。 聽吓佢用佢自己嘅角度去講出生活嘅睇法,同埋對自己未來嘅期望。

A conversation with '97 born Hong Kong student Sabrina. I was very curious to learn about the perspective of the younger generations. How do they see the world now, and what do they think about life living in the current era.

Episode 6

深夜與林肯在電話中交談。 在錄音棚錄製完一天之後,林肯對香港人有什麼要說的? 林肯分享了他的新歌背後的願望和靈感,以及他希望他的音樂為香港市做些什麼。A late night conversations with Lincoln over the phone. After a day of exhaustion from recording in the studio, what does Lincoln has to say to the fellow Hong Konger? Lincoln shares his aspiration and inspiration behind his new songs, and what he hopes his music to do for the city of Hong Kong

Episode 5

一個不停尋找機會嘅本土 designer Jason Kwan , 分享佢自己對設計行業嘅睇法。

其實一個好嘅設計師係應該將美術與設計結合抑或分開? 喺追求完美同埋高效率之中尋求一個Balance。A starving (literality... not)designer Jason Kwan, we discussed about life working as a designer in Hong Kong. How we can find a balance between perfections and efficient.

Episode 4

今次請來Hong Kong Startup- "StaySorted" 其中一位創辦人 Harry Ng。 Harry 分享佢自己作為App Developer嘅經驗同佢對香港Startup 未來嘅睇法。App developer Harry shares his story, his vision for Hong Kong Startups and the future.

Episode 3

喺香港有個畫畫嘅人叫黃皓怡-Maggie Wong。前幾日七月十四,夜媽媽,又唔想返屋企,所以就打咗電話俾佢傾計。A conversation with Hong Kong illustrator Maggie Wong over the phone.

Episode 2

Just me talking about my single life, and what is happening around all these time and space.

Episode 1

今集請嚟香港 Hip hop, Soul, Funk同disco 樂壇嘅頂尖DJ之一,K-Melo講下佢鐘意嘅音樂。由初初接觸Hip hop到開始佢嘅DJ職業生涯,究竟佢嘅故事係點嘅呢?With our guest DJ K-melo. We talk aboutmusic, and the start of K-melo's DJ career, and how he became one of the top local DJ of Hip Hop, soul, funk, disco in Hong Kong.

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